Healthy Living Lecture Event

Doylestown health and wellness center

Healthy aging is not just a matter of having good genes. Learn how your lifestyle choices can improve your physical, mental and social health!

We are happy to announce a joint presentation with Cornerstone Clubs. We’ll be presenting two free lectures focused on health and wellness.


Thursday, May 11th
Choose from 2 times:
1pm or 6pm


Health & Wellness Center Auditorium
847 Easton Road (Route 611) 
Warrington, PA 18976

Dr. Julia Helstrom, D.O., ABIMLECTURE 1:  Exercise & Your Brain with Dr. Julia Helstrom, D.O., ABIM

They say exercise is good for your body, but did you know it's also AMAZING for your brain?  Did you know you can actually change the structure of your brain through a process called neuroplasticity?  Come hear what exercise does for our brain and nervous system and how your daily sweat session is the best "pill" you could ever take to improve your memory and think clearly.  


Dr. Julie Bick, PhDLECTURE 2:  Your Cellular Health - Where Wellness Begins & Ends with Dr. Julie Bick, PhD, Flowmetric Diagnostics Chief Scientific Officer

This talk is focused on health at a cellular level, and how it pertains to the health and wellbeing of our bodies and minds. There are now innovative solutions to monitoring cellular health that are used to provide detailed information on important biochemical mechanisms within our blood cells.TruBioHealth's tests provide useful insights into how well our cells are aging and our nutritional status. They provide critical indicators for lifestyle improvement. All of this can help the end-users live more healthy, active and therefore fulfilling lives.  

Attendees who complete a short TruBioHealth wellness survey will be randomly selected to receive a copy of “The Telomere Effect” by Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, and Elissa Epel, PhD.

Space is limited so we ask that you call Cornerstone Clubs in Warrington to register in advance – 215.918.5900

“Wellness means more than simply “not being sick.” It means taking steps to live better: eat healthier, getting the proper amount of exercise, and doing things that are good for our bodies, our minds, and the world around us.” - TruBioHealth
4/25/17 10:13 AM

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